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Parma’s fitness kickboxing instructor uses a SCIENTIFIC WORKOUT FORMAT that rapidly gets rid of both cellulite and ordinary fat!


This Amazing Fitness Kickboxing Class, that specializes in beginners, Can make You Skinny, Destroy Your Fat, Sculpt Your Muscles, and Start Improving your Health, Today.


Watch the video below to see why Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Parma, Ohio will give you better results than the gym, zumba, or jazzercise.

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Men and Women… Finally Get Your Youthful Body Back

Are you one of those people who want to run for cover at the beach? Do you wish you could have your youthful body back? If so, then let me tell you that there is a simple effective, guaranteed way to burn fat, get skinny and look good.


[testimonial]From a Size 10 Pants To A Size 5. “When I started 10 weeks ago I was wearing a size 10 pants and an extra large shirt. I went shopping on Saturday and bought a size 5 junior pants and size 8 petite shirt. I lost 17 pounds and my cholesterol went from 241 to 194. I didn’t like weight watchers weighing in front of others and announcing your weight. I don’t want to feel guilty. Here it is more comfortable because your weight is NOT announced and the instructors really focus on good eating habits, and encourage you positively. I look 10 years younger.” Denice Wolf [/testimonial]

[highlight]Fitness Kickboxing (the way we do it) Works Because It Burns Fat Like A Laser Beam and Increases Your Energy.[/highlight]

Finally a fitness kickbox program that offers measurable results. It’s the only workout in the area that combines, Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility all in one workout. Real Weight Loss, Stress Relief, and FUN. Read the benefits you want to experience.

  • Drop a pants size, or dress size faster than you thought possible.
  • Designed to give you a leaned and toned appearance. Legs, abs, all of it.
  • Fitness Kickboxing is perfect for busy Mom’s who want to experience permanent weight loss.
  • For those that tried a Gym, Weight Watchers, Jazzercise, or any other exercise plan and got little results… this Fitness Kickboxing Program is for you.
  • BEST PART… you don’t need any experience, coordination or “skill”. We show you everything and YOU get skinnier from the classes.

Fitness Kickboxing Is The “Perfect Workout”

This Fitness Kickboxing Class is the answer to many of the problems inherent in the “fitness industry”. To succeed in Vortex Martial Arts Kickboxing program – to burn off fat like a laser beam – you don’t have to be a “physical genius”, nor must have natural talent for martial arts or be coordinated.

  • Your muscles will be both toned and tight. Your clothes will fit better. You’ll feel fast! That’s the kind of body you can not only show off at the beach – but the kind of body that you can use.
  • This fitness kickboxing program cools down with real yoga poses and helps you re-discover your lost flexibility WITHOUT doing dangerous moves that require athleticism or “giftedness.” you’ll be able to pick up something you dropped, and quickly – even carelessly without thought, concern of injury. Most people never even reach that kind of flexibility as a youngster – and even fewer maintain that level of flexibility into adulthood.
  • Imagine having the lung-power of a marathon runner – you can “go for hours” but, you can also “pour it on” whenever you need to. Whether it’s blasting up a flight of stairs at work or home – double stepping it as you go… or just keeping up with your kids all day.
  • Magically fat will melt off your body. Even if you eat more than you normally do. You’ll still look better than ever.

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